Условия использования

This agreement was written in English (US). In case of any conflict between this version and the translated version, the English version would be the primary and correct.

By using ReadkonG© site (readkong.com and all sub-domains) or our services or our applications (including our mobile applications), e-mail notifications, buttons, graphics, design, widgets, ads and commerce services («ReadkonG© Services») you agree with the terms of service below («Terms of Service»). We reserve the right to change Terms of Service without any notice. The most recent version of the Terms of Service are always available on our website (https://www.readkong.com/service_terms).

Using of the ReadkonG© Services means your agreement with the Terms of Service. If you don't agree with the Terms of Service please stop using the ReadkonG© Services immediately. By using the ReadkonG© Services you also agree with moderation of content you post on ReadkonG© site. You should use the ReadkonG© Services according to the Privacy Policy (https://www.readkong.com/privacy_policy).


1. You must be older than 13 years old to use the ReadkonG© Services.

2. You are allowed to post text content, photos, links and other materials for free and without a limit if your posting materials are legal and conforming our rules written below.

3. You may not use the ReadkonG© Services for any illegal or unauthorized purpose. You agree that your Content must conform with all laws, rules and regulations applicable to your use of the ReadkonG© Services and your Content, including but not limited to, copyright laws.

4. You are not allowed to post violent, nude or partially nude human body images, discriminatory, unlawful, pornographic or other content via the ReadkonG© Services. Propaganda of racism, terrorism, using or selling narcotics and pedophilia is strictly prohibited.

5. You should understand that unlawful content will be immediately deleted without the right of recovery. Using the ReadkonG© Services you agree that the unlawful content will be transferred to law enforcement authorities immediately.

6. We encourage authors to make unique content. If you have no legal right on posting content you may not post it.

7. If you have noticed the violation of copyright, please be kind to inform us by e-mail or special form available at https://www.readkong.com/abuse.

8. You should keep your password in safe place and should not give it to the third parties.

9. You are responsible for any activity that occurs through your account from the moment you created an account and until you delete it.

10. Using the ReadkonG© Services you agree that all disputes between you and ReadkonG© will be resolved in peaceful way or for certain types of dispute by individual arbitration and you have no right to take part in a class action lawsuit or class-wide arbitration.


Once you started to use the ReadkonG© Services you have royalty-free, personal, limited and non-exclusive license to use ReadkonG© software except paid and premium services.

ReadkonG© may limit or stop you license for any reason. Disregarding of the Terms of Service will entail the termination of your license and ability of using the ReadkonG© Services with the written notice of termination on your e-mail.


1. We have the right to change the the Terms of Service anytime for any reason without the notice.

2. We have the right to limit or terminate your license anytime without notification to prevent unacceptable or illegal content or actions. If you believe that termination of your license was a mistake and you want to reestablish your account, please contact us by special form or by e-mail. We will review you complaint but we don't guarantee you the reestablishment of your license or account. Reviewing of the complaint may take up to 2 weeks or longer.

3. Termination of your license means discontinuation of all your rights written in the Terms of Service.

4. We have the right to delete all content that belongs to your account including photos, text, attachments, links and other intellectual property in case if your content contradicts the Terms of Service.

5. We can't guarantee full Content control. If you noticed the violation of the Terms of Service or of the copyright, please contact us immediately.

6. We are not responsible for any Content no matter what it contains. We have no obligation to, remove, edit, block, and/or monitor Content or accounts containing Content that violates these Terms of Service notwithstanding we do it as far as possible.

7. We are not responsible for your actions including the Content you post, your relations with other users, your sharings, letters and messages.

8. We keep the right to change any username in case if it contains offensive words without written notification.

9. We have permission to use your photos, text, files and other intellectual property until your license is terminated. You give us non-exclusive, royalty-free license to provide those information to third parties all over the world. Using ReadkonG© Services you agree that your intellectual property shared with other users can't be deleted until they do it themselves.

10. We have a right to keep but not show to others the Content which was removed by you for an indefinite amount of time as a back up copy.


1. You have a right to create an account and use ReadkonG© Services whenever you want it worldwide. Basically account is royalty-free, non-exclusive and transferable. You have a right to use this account by yourself personally.

2. You have a right to post any Content, including photos, texts and other intellectual property except the Content which contradicts the Terms of Service. Posting your Content and any intellectual property such as ideas, texts, photos and information you agree that we are free to use these materials as we want any time and for free without any payment to you.

3. You have a right to share with other users on ReadkonG© and everywhere by links, posting a code of the page on third-party resources.

4. You have a right to hide confidential data and keep all important information in safe. Posting your intellectual property you give us royalty-free, non-exclusive and what is most important, transferable license on your Content. We can use, modify, post and publish your Content wherever we want worldwide. So, this way you make your posts available all over the world. If you don't agree with this paragraph, please don't use ReadkonG©.

5. You have a right to use the ReadkonG© Services but you also are responsible of your actions using the ReadkonG© Services and all the consequences that may happen during or after your actions.


1. We created the ReadkonG© to help people to generate and develop their own ideas. Please be kind to use your intellectual property posting Content on our site.

2. We can't check and moderate the entire volume of information being posted on our site every minute, for objective reasons. Please be kind to contact us by e-mail or special form if you have noticed the violation of copyright. We will check your complaint and will remove unwanted Content if the violation will be confirmed.

3. You also should understand that the slander and violation of other people's copyright will be the reason to terminate your license and ban your IP.